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Executive Summary

The findings of this report for the year 2022 are deeply disconcerting,
revealing that the overall condition of human rights in the country
has not improved and, to a certain extent, has deteriorated when
compared to the preceding year.
According to collected data from prominent national dailies and
HRSS investigation unit, a total of 36 people were reportedly extrajudicially
killed in 2022. Out of them, 07 were killed in the name of
‘crossfire/ so-called gunfights’, 07 were tortured to death, 13 shot
to death and 09 died in the custody in a total of 32 incidents. At the
same time, about 55 persons reportedly died in prison. Moreover,
a total of 11 persons have been ‘disappeared’ by the LEAs (i.e.,
remained missing for at least 72 hours) according to the members
of the victim family in 11 incidents. Out of them, 10 were shown
arrested and the remaining 01 returned home.
According to the HRSS report, a total of 2593 women and girls
were the victim of violence in the year of 2022. Among them, 1284
females were raped in 2022. Out of them, 552 victims were adults
whereas alarmingly 732 (57%) were children under the age of 18.
It’s a grave concern that 258 (20%) have been victim of gang-rape,
42 were brutally killed after being raped and 08 committed suicide
after being raped. Besides, 159 incidents of dowry-related violence
were reported, where 70 were killed, 07 committed suicide and 82
women were physically abused over dowry demand. 224 victims
have died and 65 committed suicides while 83 got injured in family
feud related violence in 372 incidents. Moreover, a total of 531
girls and women were reportedly victims of sexual harassment and
another 229 girls and women were the victim of an attempt to
Human Rights Situation 2022
rape. Furthermore, 15 girls and women were injured and 03 killed
in 15 incidents of acid violence. It is also alarming that 372 children
lost their lives and 1232 were physically & mentally tortured and
critically injured.
According to the HRSS report in 2022, a total of 253 journalists
were the victim of attacks. Among them, two journalists were
killed, 165 journalists were injured, 43 threatened, 05 arrested and
38 were assaulted in nearly 169 incidents. Meanwhile, 84 people
were arrested, 516 accused and 85 cases were filed in a total of 85
incidents under Digital Security Act 2018. HRSS has also observed
the incidents of attacks on minorities in 2022, where at least 12
temples, 43 idols and 16 houses were partially or fully destroyed.
Meanwhile, 48 minority people were injured in a total of 28
incidents. Moreover, at least 115 people were killed and 7684
people injured in political violence; where, the vast majority of the
victims (around 3141) were from political arrests, most of them
(2721) are members of BNP and JAMAAT. Unexpectedly, around 38
people were killed and 83 were injured in a total of 79 incidents of
public lynching in 2022.
According to annual report of HRSS, 22 Bangladeshi citizens were
killed, 24 injured, 11 shot, and 30 persons arrested by BSF (Indian
Border Security Force) in a total of 47 incidents. At the same time,
30 laborers were killed, 607 injured and another 30 were shot in a
total of 124 incidents.
It has also been reported that between January and December
2022, at least 52 people died; approximately 1410 people were
injured and about 100 persons sustained bullet hits in a total of
195 incidents of election-related violence. Meanwhile, in a total
of 147 incidents of inhuman torture and shooting by LEAs, 2257
people were injured, 100 were hit by bullets and 28 people were
HRSS is deeply concerned about the degradation of human rights
condition in the country. It urges all human rights organizations as
well as common citizens to raise their voice to protect and promote
human rights in Bangladesh.