Research and Publications

Research and Publications Department (RPD) is one of the most important units of HRSS; it plays a vital role behind-the-scenes but significant role in HRSS’s advocacy efforts to encourage human rights activism. The department works with preparing monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly Human Rights observation report with descriptive and graphical presentation including tables, graphs, diagram and compare the contemporary report with the previous month on the basis of twelve prominent newspapers and district representative of HRSS in our country. After preparing these reports are regularly supplied to national and international human rights organization, NGOs, civil society, media and every state and non- state actors.
HRSS, research team also publishes Periodicals, books, human rights bulletin. The publications provide contemporary human rights situation of Bangladesh. It also focused on human rights issues, and issues of laws and policy, analytical review. Research and Publication’s report and publications have emerged as an important resource used by civil society, law students and human rights activists.
The Research and publication Team at HRSS is responsible for the archival preservation and clarifying the fact finding reports. Our major activities are as follow:
The work involves:

  • The preparation of human rights reports
  • Collection of data regarding contemporary human rights situations and abuses throughout the year and writings and publications
  • Comparison data and statistics with previous years
  • Publish detailed reports
  • Publishing documents, leaflets, posters, advertisements, newsletters and websites
  • To observe international and regional human rights organizations.
  • Writing of booklets based on HRSS’s activities and updating its web page.
  • Providing recommendations to government base on the regular human rights report.

HRSS is often having articles, statistics and report in different national daily newspapers and social media. Apart from analyzing the laws and the human rights situations and issues, these articles, report and statistics raises a voice and express a concern over the violation of women rights and human rights and help raise awareness and form opinion on these issues. This helps HRSS reaching the common people and raises awareness and form opinion on contemporary issues.