PDF file Available here Human Rights Situation in Bangladesh 2020

HRSS publishes Human Rights Situation Analysis Report
regularly, based on data collected from prominent
national dailies and fact-finding reports prepared by
country-wide representatives

The January’20 to December’20 Annual human rights monitoring report describes the human rights situation in Bangladesh, specifically describing the following issues:

According to HRSS investigation team and collected information from
leading newspapers such as the Daily Star, the Prothom Alo, the
Bangladesh Protidin, the Somokal, the Kaler kantha, the Jugantar, the
Nayadiganta, the New Age etc in 2020, a total of 244 persons were
reportedly extra-judicially killed. Of them, about 169 were killed in the
name of so called ‘crossfire/ gunfights/infights’, 19 tortured to death,
12 shot to death and 44 died in the custody in a total of 201 incidents.
On the other hand, a total of 32 persons have been ‘disappeared’ by
the law enforcement agencies (i.e., remained missing for at least 72
hours) in different incidents. Among them, death bodies of 02 persons
were found, 12 shown arrested and 12 persons continue to remain