Human Right Support Society has published this report based on incidents of human rights violation and atrocities based on information received through our district representatives and based on twelve prominent national dailies has published bimonthly Human Rights report.


According to the sources of HRSS, between Jan to Feb’19, at least 54 people were extra-judicially killed; a total of 61 people have been forcefully disappeared by the members of law enforcement agencies. Moreover, the HRSS report finds that a total of 172 females have been raped. Of them, 58 were identified as an adult and alarmingly 114 were children under the age of 16. A total of 26 women were killed in the family feud, 06 females were killed due to dowry-related violence. It has also been reported that a total of 119 were abducted in different areas of the country, among them approximately 57 were male, 13 females, 49 children, and 32 were killed after the abduction. Unexpectedly at least 14 people were killed in political violence and around 13 people were killed through lynching.

Read the full report -> Bimonthly Human Rights Report on Bangladesh Situation from Jan to Feb’ 2019 (PDF File)