Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic has been spread out all over the world. In Bangladesh the number of deaths and infected people from corona virus pandemic is remarkably rising too. Several hundreds of people have already died of corona virus pandemic in Bangladesh. Government is struggling to provide medical support to the infected people due to the limitation of health service. In recent time, the negligent of medical services in some cases are noticed sadly. People are wondering from one hospital to another hospital and some of them are died on the way to hospital without any medical support. Many corona virus infected people, Nurse, Doctors and health workers are being suppressed in society and many of them are compelled to leave their house. Death body funeral are prevented in some areas. Death body and patient are thrown away, even it is noticed that sons keep their mother away to the jungle. It is natural that, people will help and extend their hand to the infected people but we noticed the alternative scenery in society.

Let’s Stand beside the vulnerable people and overcome the fear

  • Bringing corona virus suspected and infected people from home to hospital.
  • We prepared a team of twenty volunteer to funeral death body.
  • In this regard we need two ambulances (with Oxygen cylinder and primary medical equipment) and PPE of twenty volunteer.

Your small assistance will possible our endeavor

# Please send your financial assistance to

  1. Bkash: 01791227420          Saiful Islam
  2. Rocket:   015201047473     Imamul Hossain

Sincerely yours

Md Nur Khan                                    Ijajul Islam

Advisor                                            Executive Director

Human Rights Support Society (HRSS)

Contact for any enquiry: 01520104747


NB: We Will start our activities by renting ambulance if we get financial assistanceAsking for Fund to fight against corona English