Human Rights Support Society (HRSS) has arranged a discussion meeting on International Human Rights Day 2018. The meeting was presided by Md Monir Ahmed, Assistant Secretary, HRSS and Adv. Bangladesh Supreme Court, was held at HRSS office, Dhaka.
There were also present Mr. Md Omor Farok Research & Publication officer, HRSS and Imamul Juel, investigation officer, HRSS with others young human rights defenders and volunteers.

The speakers said, “Freedom of speech, freedom of press and democracy are now at risk. All the people should work in unison to establish human rights. In Bangladesh, Every day, in general people are facing structural violence for example Extrajudicial Killings, Enforce Disappearance, Abduction, Arbitrary Arrest, violation of freedom of expression and Violence against Women.  The matter of regret’s that most of the cases are conducted by the law enforcement agencies.

Speakers at the meeting demanded exemplary punishment to the violators of human rights.