Half-Yearly Report

Half Yearly(Jan’16 to June’16) Human Rights Situation Analysis Report on Bangladesh

Human Right Support Society (HRSS), a Bangladesh-based human rights organization, was founded in 2014 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is dedicated to ensuring all sorts of human rights for people through building awareness as well as monitoring and publishing human rights situation, providing legal aid to the poor and victims, helping destitute people and conducting advocacy with the government and other concerned authorities from home and abroad. Read More

Half Yearly(January’18 to June ’18) Human Rights Analysis Report on Bangladesh Situation

Half yearly human rights analysis report’s published by Human Right Support Society the based on incidents of human rights violation and atrocities based on information received through our district representatives and twelve prominent national dailies has published this report. From January to June ’18, this report illustrates that freedom of expression was denied and the constitutionally guaranteed rights of freedom of assembly and association witnessed a sharp decline. Restrictions on the political parties and civil societies Read More