Human Rights Support Society published Human Rights Bulletin-2018 based on Human Rights Situation in Bangladesh.

Human Rights Condition of Bangladesh is very deplorable. In 2018, “Human Rights Support Society’s Report Analysis, it can be mentioned that, like last years, in 2018, Extra-Judicial Killing Law Enforcing Agencies, Torture in Administration’s Custody, Law Enforcing Agencies out of law behavior, after abduction accusation of extra-judicial killing, mass-beating etc. Political instability and attack on journalists, in Border areas, murder and torture by BSF and BGP to Bangladeshis, Violence Against Women, attack on Minorities Prayer Centers, attack on civil liberty, to curtain political rights, attempted to murder of distinguished Intellectuals are some of the features of Human Rights Conditions which are not helpful. In 2018, “Human Rights Support Society” through Newspapers and local Representatives based information, this Annual Human Rights Analysis Report has to to picture.

PDF file Available here HRSS Annual Bulletin 2018

The January’18 to December’18 Annual human rights monitoring report describes the human rights situation in Bangladesh, specifically describing the following issues:

As per Newspapers and Human Rights Support Society’s collected information, this year 393 (Cross-fire/Live Firing/ Torture by Death)  “Extra-Judicial Killings’ Law Enforcing Agencies has killed 474 persons. Among them 429 persons in Cross-fire, 7 persons by Torture, live bullet firing by 5 persons and in Jail Custody, 33 persons were dead.


In “Violence Against Women” for Dowry, 88 incidents 44 females were dead and through physical torture 45 persons died, in family feuds 301 incidents 235 persons were dead and 66 females were tortured. In Acid Throwing Incidents 14 Cases 14 females were injured, 693 females were victims of Rape and 34 persons were murdered after rape.


Through Newspapers and HRSS’s collected information, in 2018, by Law Enforcing Agencies identity/ suspected 92 persons were abducted and among them 14 persons dead bodies has been found


In this years “Violent Incident” 124 persons were dead, 88 persons were injured and 16 persons had bullet injuries. Besides, in “Mass-Beating” 74 incidnets, 44 persons were dead and 64 persons were injured. From various places, police recovered 617 male dead bodies, 326 female dead bodies and 45 anonymous dead bodies were recovered.


In this year 713 “Political Violence” 83 persons were dead, 5,837 persons were injured and 126 person have bullet injuries of which may are related in Govt. Party’s Political Feud and in expansion of influence.

In Cases of Minorities, 38 incidents took place in Temples and Business Organizations and 4 persons were died and 10 persons were injured

“Border Security Force” has done 34 attacks of physical torture and killing of 15 Bangladeshis , 12 persons were injured and 32 persons were arrested.

Attack by Law Enforcing Agencies and political parties 2 “Journalists” were dead, 136 journalists were injured and 9 journalists were arrested. Besides, 22 journalists were physically assaulted and 27 journalists have received death threats.

To control law and order situation, of not letting people’s fundamental and Constitutional Rights, Country’s Human Rights condition will be further deteoriate. So, on behalf of “Human Rights Support Society”, we urgue, Country’s all concerned Citizens, Journalists, Political Leaders and local-international Human Rights Organizations need to be more vocal about it.